Michael Suter

Michael Antony Brennan Suter AKA Catfishman, or Michael Catfish Man Suter, began painting in earnest after moving to Athens, Georgia in 1992. He is a self-taught and raw outsider artist that defies easy categorization. Catfishman paintings are primitive pieces with expressive figures executed in strong colors with house paint on found, rough panels. Suter was born in post war Cambridge, England to a Danish/Irish mother descended from Brennan, King of the Danes, and an American father from an old Virginia family with history. Admiration for author George Orwell, particularly, Down and Out in Paris and London, contributed to Suter’s unique approach to living life in the extreme. Suter’s past is a long list of domestic & exotic travels, ventures, near death experiences, and metaphysical revelation. He has worked alongside royalty & peasants, and stood his ground against attacks from pimps, gangs, villagers, cobras, and millions of Indian army ants. Suter has fallen from Yosemite Falls and careened down a mountainside in a car with no brakes. As a result of all this, Catfish Man paintings are subconscious expressions that resonate within the primal intuitive nature of the viewer’s imagination. Considered an artist’s artist Suter’s paintings are widely collected and hang in many influential collections.