Kristen Lied Peyton


I am a graduate of The College of William and Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia, and a current first-year student at The University of New Hampshire working toward a Masters of Fine Art with a concentration in painting.


I am a perceptual artist working primarily in oil. My work is about light—how I see it, feel it, and seek to capture the sensation of its presence upon landscapes and the human figure. I strive to discover what lies at the heart of observation in the realm of my perception. For me, painting is a continual quest for answers to particular questions, such as: how does sunlight wane across an afternoon landscape? How does fabric rest upon a chair? How does the human figure absorb or reflect natural light? My essential question is what is the essence of the subject observed? Each work sets out to capture, through color, value, shape, and line, what my eye sees and my mind perceives.  I am interested in small, often unobserved moments—a frozen marsh just before winter’s early sunset, the curious up-growing root system of cypress trees on the James River, and the reflection of daylight off the head of a sleeping bald man. My pieces beckon the viewer to pause, contemplate, and discover the nuances of light and color that comprise our world and convey our emotions.