Jean Gray Mohs
Jean Gray Mohs is an artist born and raised in North Carolina. She has been drawn to art her entire life. 
When age four, she asked her art teachers if she could draw everyone in her class. While the others napped, 
she did so – not missing a student or a teacher. And when waiting in line at ice cream stores, Jean Gray
used to grab a pencil out of her mom’s purse and start sketching on napkins. When her mom would stare at lots
of white paint chips  thinking they were all the same Jean Gray could easily discren the different hues immediately
Before the age of five, she profoundly declared to her mom . . . “But, Mom, I am art!”

 Surely art is not all crayons andconfection. Her solid education foundation, her gift of color and placement and especially
 her “old soul” - all of these impact  her art.  Her strength is in oil painting and in drawing with pencil.  Her gifts are color
and Shading. And just as her often-worn t-shirt states “Good art won’t match your sofa,” Jean Gray does not
paint to please the audience. Instead she connects with her life experience, placing it boldly on the canvas. 
Her work draws you in.

Jean Gray received her BFA from Georgia Southern University in December of 2002.
 Upon graduation, she decided to pack her bags and move out west. She settled into the northwest and lived
there for two years. There she enriched the lives of at-risk youth with a variety of creative programs
she developed and taught.  Jean Gray then moved to Swainsboro, GA to collaborate and continue working
with the StillmoreRoots Group,, an artist group she has been a part of since 2002. 
The StillmoreRoots Group exists to sponsor art events that display their commitment to create not only challenging, 
accessible art, but also an environment that inspires community involvement and experience that provokes thought,
 dialogue and new relationships.  

Upon earning her Master of Arts in Teaching in 2008 she settled back into
North Carolina where she is an active artist and writer. Her work has been seen in Southern Living and has been
show around the world.   She just recently released her first illustrated children’s book, Mamalu’s Secrets, which
can be found at