August Newsletter: Receptions for Matt Lively and Miles Cleveland Goodwin and Additional Current Art Fair Selections


Photograph by Alexander Germanotta with Matt Lively and Josh Blum

Compound: An Installation by Matt Lively

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 5:30PM- 8:30 PM

Enjoy refreshments, view the progress, and discuss the work with artist Matt Lively and curator John Lee Matney    Learn More

"This is an exhibit of in-progress work surrounding the story of a boy who finds a factory that controls the weather. I have created stage sets, objects, and paintings that describe the isolated world in which this story takes place. These objects will later be used to develop the next iteration of this story through photography. The installation will use the language of museum artifacts (think, natural history museum diorama) to create the feeling of immersion into the world of the story. I want to encourage visitors to interact with the exhibit by taking photographs."   Matt Lively, 2019

View of the Compound diorama

Matt Lively, Forced Evolution, Oil on panel, 60x84 inches

This painting and several others are available via Linda Matney Gallery courtesy of Glave Kocen Gallery

Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery, 5435 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg VA

Sponsored by: The Health Journal, Fillmore Found and the Matney Family

Special Thanks to Glave Kocen Gallery


THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 5:30PM- 7:30PM in the Annex Gallery. New Paintings

Enjoy refreshments and meet the artist    Learn More

Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Orchard in Winter, 2019

Oil on canvas

36 × 48 in ➡︎

Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Ole Girl, 2019

Oil on canvas

30x24 ➡︎

Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Ghost of a Tree, 2019

Oil on canvas

48 × 72 in ➡︎

John Lee Matney LTD Presents:
Additional RVA Current Art Fair 2019 Selections and other Spotlight Artists

Join us in October at our booth in Richmond.  *Other selected artists were featured in our July newsletter. A full list will be published on our website in the fall.

Early Bird Tickets are Available Here

Preview works by our selected artists this summer along with our Annex Gallery Collection (see below).

The Annex Gallery features works for sale from Landmark Arts and Cultural Exchange Company Collection and the John Lee Matney LTD Collection.  Art includes works from Atlanta and Athens GA, Virginia, New York, New Mexico, France, China, India and elsewhere which are available at the gallery or on Artsy. Many of our exhibiting artists are professional artists associated with universities such as William and Mary, Pratt,  Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Christopher Newport, University of Georgia, Old Dominion University and others.  All of the work has been hand-selected by John Lee Matney.  Detailed information on each piece is available. Private previews and studio visits are available upon request.

Ryan Lytle, More Than One Can Bear, 2018*


73 × 56 × 36 in ➡︎

Actual works by our selected artists in RVA Current may vary. See our website in the fall.

Merrilee Cleveland, Pawnee Dream Dance , 2019


15 × 20 × 10 in ➡︎

Thomas Lowell Edwards, Kintsugi, 2016


Thomas Lowell Edwards, Thirty-six Demitasse, 2015

Commercially produced porcelain, and reinforced concrete

41 × 12 1/2 × 3 1/2 in ➡︎

Jennifer Nagle Myers

Seven Matriarchs/ First Place Women #2, 2014

Archival inkjet

19 × 16 in ➡︎

Editions 1-5 of 5 + 1AP

Kent Knowles, Tether, 2013

Oil on canvas

26 × 36 1/2 in ➡︎

Sofia Zu’bi Birdwords, Collaboration with Miekal And, 2018


13 1/2 x 17 inch ➡︎

Caroline E. Absher, Guard the Heart, 2017

Oil on canvas

36 × 48 in ➡︎

Brian Hitselberger, Sixteen, 2019

Ink, flash paper

22 × 30 in ➡︎

John Lee Matney, Jeremy Ayers and Ada, 1994

Archival Ink Jet

11 × 14 in ➡︎

Edition of 15 + 2AP

Leihong Peng, The Dream, ca. 2017

Oil on Canvas

24 × 24 × 1/2 in ➡︎

Thank you for considering the Linda Matney Gallery

John Lee Matney, Curator




Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery
5435 Richmond Road, Suite A
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

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