Zhengyang Huang's Image At Surface Installation, April 13-20.

Opening Reception, Saturday, April 13, 2-4pm 

Walk-in hours April 18-20, 11am-5pm or call for appointment April 16 and 17

Transposition at the Highpoint


Transposition at the Highpoint      February 22- April 19, 2019

3300 West Broad Street, Richmond VA

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am- 5pm

Special Thanks to McKim Williams, Lou Ann Zell, TUSK Creative Agency and Casa Forensics

Transposition is a collection of works curated in conjunction with Landmark Arts & Cultural Exchange, an American group that helps coordinate opportunities for important contemporary arts and artists to travel between countries and facilitates for meaningful cultural exchange.
The Transposition works display this freedom, featuring an array of subjects, moods, and methods, from landscapes to figures, the deeply personal to the cautiously socio-political, and the serious and contemplative to the whimsical and ironic, all presented in varying degrees of realism and abstraction. Working in oils, the artists maintain a conscious connection to Chinese ink painting traditions while utilizing modes familiar in Western art such as naturalism, expressionism, and surrealism.

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The Linda Matney Gallery is dedicated to curating and developing innovative exhibitions and collections showcasing painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance for audiences and private patrons in Virginia and elsewhere.

“The primary concern of The Linda Matney Gallery is to exhibit the work and ideas of the most significant artists of our time." John Lee Matney and Paul Thomas, 2010.

Named after Linda Matney, who lost her battle with cancer in 2001, John Lee Matney and the Matney Family have established a research-based contemporary gallery that develops thematic group shows and collaborative art projects with international and American artists in Virginia and elsewhere. We specialize in curating services for museum exhibitions, corporate exhibits, staging projects, and private collections. We are exclusive agents in Virginia of the deeper catalogs of select contemporary artists which we showcase in special previews of new and newly available work at our exhibition venues or via private consultations.