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"The Linda Matney Gallery is dedicated to hosting exhibitions of innovative emerging artists, as well as displaying the work of more established national and international artists, including works of painting, installation, video, photography, sculpture and performance. The primary concern of The Linda Matney Gallery is to exhibit the work and ideas of the most significant artists of our time."   John  Lee Matney and  Paul Thomas, 2010 .

Named after his mother Linda Matney, who lost her battle with cancer in 2001, John Lee Matney has established a research based contemporary gallery that develops thematic group shows and collaborative art projects with international and American artists in Virginia and elsewhere. Matney specializes in curating services for museum exhibitions, corporate exhibits, staging projects, and private collections. Matney is exclusive agent in Virginia of the deeper catalogues of numerous contemporary artists which are showcased in special previews of new and newly available work at our exhibition venues or via private consultations.